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Fieldwork and Big Data – Researching the Maasai Mara Savannah in Kenya

Researchers from Aarhus University are involved in finding sustainable ways for wildlife and indigenous lifestyles to survive in the Maasai Mara savannah in Kenya. Traditional fieldwork among the population is one way to do it, working with big data from...
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Ghana vs. E-waste: Relevance of E-waste Legislation in Ghana

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), e-waste/Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. E-waste includes electrical or electronic equipment, along with its parts and components, that are approaching the end...
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Applied Sciences Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences

The Role of Women in Reducing Organic Waste in Chile

Climate change is one of the main challenges that humanity faces around the world today. And women being half of the world's population have been taking this crisis really seriously, especially in Chile, one of the countries that generates the...
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Opinions Partnerships for the goals Social Sciences

A Great Transition for Development Researchers in South and North

”For development research to thrive in the future, we have to take it very seriously, that it should be a global enterprise rather than merely Northern researchers doing fieldwork in the South”, says professor Anne Mette Kjær at Aarhus University....
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Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Universities in Ecuador Play an Essential Role in Defending Human Rights

Back in June 2022, an 18-day national strike in Ecuador led by the indigenous movement Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities from Ecuador (CONAIE), practically paralyzed the country.The protesters demanded better conditions for the many poor in Ecuador, including the indigenous population....
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Applied Sciences Clean water and sanitation Resources

Danish Water Technology Researchers are Creating Development – and Good Business

The Danish water technology sector, which contributes to better drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment everywhere in the world, is exporting its equipment and solutions to the South and North for billions of Danish kroner. It is all built on...
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Art and Humanities Peace, justice and strong institutions Resources

Transforming Migration Through the Arts

Artists are conducting art workshops with migrants in order to increase their self-esteem and well-being, but the whole event is basically research fieldwork. The workshops are observed and described by researchers, and the artists themselves are another kind of researchers.Artists...
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Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Only the Local Researchers Know the Insider-Nuances

Researchers from North and South are supporting each other in a Danish-supported network exploring how young people in West Africa navigate streams of information about security and other local matters in a new media landscape. When researchers and reporters come...
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Decent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure Opinions Social Sciences

The World Has Many Other Axises Than North-South

Development aid is nowadays indistinguishable from development financing. Thus, the development industry may no longer be the same development industry decolonization-focused researchers are critizising. A veteran in Danish development research warns against trends in the current debate.It is always a...
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EU: Towards a More Sustainable Corporate Development?

The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) published in December 2022 is the most recent step towards a more sustainable development at a European Union level. In detail, it aims to ensure that companies provide adequate information regarding the way they...
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