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Return to Sender?

Associate Professor Lars Buur, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University, identifies two major challenges to Danish development research: First, research findings to be shared as knowledge support for Danish development cooperation is left with an ever-smaller audience, as...
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Affordable and clean energy Applied Sciences Climate action News

The Rough Road to Energy Transition in The Global South

In February 2022, the Chinese government approved the opening of three new coal mines—two in the northwestern province of Shaanxi and another in Inner Mongolia. This is a part of its efforts towards augmenting coal-based power generation. The plan includes...
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Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being No poverty Social Sciences

The Working Poor

Reasons to migrate can vary but they are often rooted in similar motives. Migrants may be attracted by high-quality education and promising careers or by finding a stable job to provide a better future for their families. Nordic countries are...
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Decent work and economic growth News Reduced inequalities Social Sciences

International Graduates and their Struggles with the Job Hunt

I have always dreamt of landing a job abroad and that was one of the reasons why I chose to do a master’s in Europe. Given their small population, I had such a notion that it was easier to get...
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Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being No poverty Social Sciences

Nordic Working Poor – the Case of Sweden

How Nordic countries with one of the finest working welfare policies exploit their migrants Maine Buying has come to Sweden to find a better life and brighter future for his wife and children. He was hoping to find a job...
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Decent work and economic growth News No poverty Social Sciences

Rita Lages: “Migration forces the Nation States and Societies to question themselves”

Migration or human mobility is a complex phenomenon that encompasses a multiplicity of economic, social and security aspects. According to the “World Migration Report 2020”, 3.5% of the world's population are migrants. Latin America and Europe are both experiencing this...
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Applied Sciences Clean water and sanitation News Partnerships for the goals

Danish Water Forum invites you to the 16th Annual Water Research Conference 2022

The 16th Annual Water Research Face-to-Face Conference on 20th April 2022, provides you with 50+ presentations within a wide spectrum of themes from both Denmark and abroad.Venue: University of Copenhagen, Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg C, Denmark PROGRAMOPENING SESSION, 20 April 09:45-12:25...
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News Social Sciences

Studying ”Development” in the SDG Era

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have redefined development as comprising a broad range of issues that are relevant for countries all over the world – and implementable by actors including governments, NGOs, for-profits, and non-profits alike. Mette Fog Olwig from...
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Applied Sciences Decent work and economic growth Industry, innovation and infrastructure News Social Sciences

Improving factory productivity at garments’ factories in Myanmar

When studying how to improve conditions at garments’ factories in Myanmar, researchers from University of Southern Denmark (SDU) have had to deal with cultural differences and a political backlash."Dear David. You need to learn how to be more Myanmar. We...
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Art and Humanities Partnerships for the goals Resources Social Sciences

Danish scientific expeditions: A history of complex South-North relations

In November 2021, a three volumes history of Danish scientific expeditions was published. One of the authors is an Affiliate Professor at the Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen, Michael Harbsmeier. Originally an anthropologist, he has since...
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