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The Inclusion of International Students vs. Western Supremacy in Higher Education

Third World Countries, the Global North and the Global South. These are a couple of terms through which people describe certain areas in the world. This happens throughout all fields, but especially within educational systems. It is almost never easy...
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The Silence of Africa: Exploring Africa’s Media Coverage in Denmark

In the diverse landscape of global news, Africa often finds itself relegated to the sidelines, especially within the Danish media. Even with its diverse range of biodiversity, cultures, and political environments, Africa's presence in Danish media is still disproportionately minimal....
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Hernan Rivera Letelier: The Storyteller From the Chilean Atacama Desert

The Atacama desert is the main character of all the stories, poems, and novels written by Hernan Rivera Letelier (b. 1950), a Chilean writer who has been internationally acclaimed for his 22 novels, which have been translated into 23 languages....
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Lone Scherfig: “I Wish And Hope That The People Who Have Lived This Life Feel That This Was The Best Film You Could Make Out Of This Book.”

A young girl goes to the movies every sunday in an impoverished Chilean saltpeter mining town in the Atacama Desert of the 1960s. Her love for movies and her ability to share them in a really enchanted and expressive way...
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Venezuela: How Researching During a Humanitarian Crisis Makes You a Better Scientist

He has his office in the campus of Harlingen in at the Institute of Neuroscience, just beside one of the entrance points for the many Latin American migrants to the US. Physician scientist expert on Blood Pressure and epidemiology in...
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Election in Bhutan amid Economic and Social Woes

Bhutan recently went through a successful democratic election. Unlike other parts of South Asia where vote-rigging, an unlevel playing field, and toxic bashing of electoral opponents’ plague elections, elections in January 2024 in the country were in general peaceful. Squeezed...
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Forskningens Døgn 2024: Fattige, udsatte, udstødte i Nord og Syd

Torsdag den 25.april 2024, kl. 19.00-21.15, GRATIS ADGANG                    Sted: Maskinhallen, Sundholmsvej 28A, 2300 Kbh. S.   Klik for kort!Tilmelding: Send e-mail med navn til       Arrangør: Danish Development Research Network...
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Why Emerging Economies also need Knowledge Transfer of Environmental Engineering

How did you get involved in sustainability? Originally, I am an environmental chemist graduated from University of Copenhagen. My path into my current work is sustainability. By sustainable transition in developing economies, you can achieve results with far less resources...
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ID-Cards give Legal Identity to some Ugandans – but not all

A young Danish researcher from African Studies is observing how people in Uganda are navigating a new digitalized certification system which doesn’t recognize everybody as citizens – even when they have lived in the country for generations In Uganda’s capital...
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All of Us Need to Build Capacity – in South as well as North

Research collaboration is capacity building in itself, says Professor Jens Seeberg, Aarhus University. Every university on the globe has a constant need of capacity building. That is certainly also the case in Denmark. ”Research collaboration is capacity building in itself”,...
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