Ubuntu – a different meaning altogether

Ubuntu refers to African customary law, based on the value: ‘I am because we are’. Nadeem Salie’s PhD thesis argues, as entitled, that ‘The utilisation of Ubuntu can promote accountability in public officials and state institutions as well as give effect to social solidarity in…
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Climbing the social ladder or making a difference?

What is the outcome of research capacity development? Climbing the social ladder or making a sustainable difference. New research on individual work careers of Ghanaian academics draws a diverse picture. Former PhD students from University of Ghana, who became part of the…
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Research for advocacy

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) make use of research findings when advocating program interventions and policy reform. Anne Sørensen, who was the Chief Coordinator of DDRN 2007-2011, tells about a few examples from her present work as the Programme Manager for Education in…
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