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Indigenous Empowerment – The Kankuamo People in Colombia Communicate About Themselves

Discrimination and stereotypes. Indigenous peoples are often misunderstood in the media, which is why the Kankuamo people from Colombia decided to strengthen their communication skills: to be able to tell their own stories to a broader audience. And they have...
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Reduced inequalities Resources Social Sciences Sustainable cities and communities

Urbanism in Unexpected Places: Looking Beyond the Rural/Urban Divide

Urbanism as a concept often brings to mind ideas of large metropolitan centres that are densely populated, not only with people but also buildings, expansive infrastructure, as well as opportunities. The idea of rurality poses a stark contrast to this...
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Good health and well-being News Social Sciences

Psychosocial Approach: A Response to Mental Health Issues and Structural Violence

Nunca Más is an international human rights and psychosocial response network that supports survivors of collective violence in the Global South, focusing on their mental health and political advocacy by applying the psychosocial approach. In this interview with Jan Ole...
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure Partnerships for the goals Resources Social Sciences

“A Strong Community of Development Researchers is Alive and Well in Denmark”

The community of development researchers has grown and been increasingly spread at several different environments in Denmark. Buzzwords change – but a clear focus on development remains, observes a veteran in the field. That is the observation by Soeren Jeppesen,...
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Applied Sciences Art and Humanities Good health and well-being Resources Social Sciences

Jorge Lobos: Architecture to Serve the Needs of People Around the World

Jorge Lobos, is a very talented chilean architect that lives in Copenhagen, Denmark. He owns an architecture studio with projects in Denmark, Italy and Chile. He started his career at the school of Architecture at the Universidad of Chile, where he...
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Peace, justice and strong institutions Resources Social Sciences

South Sudan: Interaction of Refugees and Their Hosts in Uganda Could Foster Peaceful Co-existence Back Home. But When?

In Adjumani town, in the West Nile sub region of northern Uganda, a relatively big structure sits enclosed in Paridi stadium, just a few metres behind the southern goalposts. At its entrance is an inscription in bold letters: “Refugee and...
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News Peace, justice and strong institutions Quality education Social Sciences

Educating Saharawi Refugees: The Most Important Project of the Polisario Front

Illiteracy levels are practically non-existent in the Algerian Tindouf camps that host Saharawi refugees. As part of my research for my master thesis in Global Refugee Studies at Aalborg University, I interviewed Bachir, Raabub and Taleb to learn about how...
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Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Human Security: People-Centred Security in an Interconnected World

The human security framework was first introduced by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in their 1994 Human Development Report, seeking a more people-focused understanding of security. In 2011, a Human Security master’s programme was started at Aarhus University as...
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Decent work and economic growth Life on land Social Sciences

The Chinese Factor: Chinese Migration for Artisanal Small-scale Gold Mining in Ghana

Ghana is ranked amongst the top five producers of gold in Africa. Research revealed that an estimated number of 50,000 Chinese individuals migrated from China to Ghana between 2008 and 2013 to engage in artisanal small-scale gold mining (ASM) activities....
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Industry, innovation and infrastructure Partnerships for the goals Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences

Danish Researcher: Who Will Ever Be Reading Our Policy Briefs?

Research into trade patterns and global value chains gave the research team a hands-on understanding of what economic globalization is all about.   Every time a research project, financed by either DANIDA or Independent Research Fund Denmark, is completed, the researcher...
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