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Fieldwork and Big Data – Researching the Maasai Mara Savannah in Kenya

Researchers from Aarhus University are involved in finding sustainable ways for wildlife and indigenous lifestyles to survive in the Maasai Mara savannah in Kenya. Traditional fieldwork among the population is one way to do it, working with big data from...
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Ghana vs. E-waste: Relevance of E-waste Legislation in Ghana

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), e-waste/Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest-growing waste streams in the world. E-waste includes electrical or electronic equipment, along with its parts and components, that are approaching the end...
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The Role of Women in Reducing Organic Waste in Chile

Climate change is one of the main challenges that humanity faces around the world today. And women being half of the world's population have been taking this crisis really seriously, especially in Chile, one of the countries that generates the...
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Danish Water Technology Researchers are Creating Development – and Good Business

The Danish water technology sector, which contributes to better drinking water supplies and wastewater treatment everywhere in the world, is exporting its equipment and solutions to the South and North for billions of Danish kroner. It is all built on...
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Dealing With a Water-Hungry Enterprise: How Science is Looking for a Water-Less Copper Industry in Chile

Chile has its massive copper mining industry to thank for a sizable portion of its gross national production, but the country can also point to this same sector as the culprit in a major drought that has affected this region...
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Danish Development Research Must Pay Attention to the Tech-Field

New technologies open the way for new possible approaches to developing the Global South – and new methods for researching this development. A Danish anthropologist has become a professor at the IT University in Copenhagen. One of his aims is...
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Mathematics as a Tool to Navigate Political and Social Reality

Raimundo Elicer, a Chilean researcher at the Danish School of Education at Aarhus University, made his intellectual concerns and questions about mathematics his field of research. After a career as a researcher and teacher in public secondary schools in Chile,...
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South-North Research Partnership is Crucial, But Inequalities Remain

The fundamental inequalities in research projects are still the same as they were 30 years ago and they are not likely to disappear. According to an experienced Danish researcher, there is a strong need for such projects in the future,...
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Bamboo for SDGs: A Test for Uganda’s Nascent Industry

Giant bamboo towers over the security wall surrounding the home of a former minister in Kampala, making a dominant spectacle in a neighbourhood of dwindling greenery. Artistically, the tall culms and thick green leaves represent a developing country’s dream of...
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The Health Sector Will Never Be Able to Solve the World’s Health Challenges on Its Own

We have to adopt an intersectoral approach to safeguarding health, says an experienced Danish researcher who has done that for all his professional life.To address the serious health problems of the world, the health sector has to work in close...
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