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Clean water and sanitation Climate action Natural Sciences News Social Sciences

Chile Faces the Mega Drought Looking for Technical and Social Solutions

According to data provided by the UN, by 2025 half of the world's population will live in areas of water scarcity, making it essential to develop mechanisms and technology to deal with it. In Chile, researchers and experts not only...
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Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being No poverty Opinions Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Uganda’s Acclaimed Refugee Policy: The Difference Between What is on Paper and Reality

Uganda is described by many in the humanitarian circles as one of the friendliest countries in the world to refugees. Some reports, such as one from the Norwegian Refuge Council (NRC), state that the East African landlocked country, which hosts...
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Applied Sciences Blog Good health and well-being Resources Social Sciences

They studied emerging epidemics – and then an epidemic emerged

A large research project in close cooperation between researchers from Denmark and Burkina Faso has focused on what happens to epidemics when they emerge in unstable places with poor security, political unrest and mistrust towards the government. Some epidemics begin...
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Applied Sciences Good health and well-being Resources Social Sciences

Civil Society Groups Keep Development Aid Closer to Human Beings

The history of Danish development assistance, and the role of civil society groups with a focus on vulnerable groups in this history, was discussed at a recent webinar – listen to a DDRN podcast from the event ”It is up...
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Partnerships for the goals Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Insider – Outsider Knowledge in Research on Myanmar

Helene Maria Kyed is a researcher from the Danish Institute for International Studies. She specializes in studying which part non-state actors play in terms of justice and security. Along with her team of scholars from both Myanmar and Denmark, she...
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Opinions Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Democracy in Decline

Peace, justice and good governance – important enablers of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development – have come under pressure in many countries due to the COVID-19-pandemic. The pandemic exacerbated the global decline of democratic principles and the...
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Good health and well-being News No poverty Reduced inequalities Social Sciences

COVID-19 and Migration: How Spread of the Virus Reduced Mobility of Migrants in Chile

Social distance and border closure as health measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 had profound consequences on the lives of migrants living in Chile since the restrictions on their mobility mean their ability to work and social integration into...
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Opinions Peace, justice and strong institutions Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences

Return to Sender?

Associate Professor Lars Buur, Department of Social Sciences and Business, Roskilde University, identifies two major challenges to Danish development research: First, research findings to be shared as knowledge support for Danish development cooperation is left with an ever-smaller audience, as...
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Affordable and clean energy Applied Sciences Climate action News

The Rough Road to Energy Transition in The Global South

In February 2022, the Chinese government approved the opening of three new coal mines—two in the northwestern province of Shaanxi and another in Inner Mongolia. This is a part of its efforts towards augmenting coal-based power generation. The plan includes...
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Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being No poverty Social Sciences

The Working Poor

Reasons to migrate can vary but they are often rooted in similar motives. Migrants may be attracted by high-quality education and promising careers or by finding a stable job to provide a better future for their families. Nordic countries are...
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