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Industry, innovation and infrastructure Partnerships for the goals Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences

Danish Researcher: Who Will Ever Be Reading Our Policy Briefs?

Research into trade patterns and global value chains gave the research team a hands-on understanding of what economic globalization is all about.   Every time a research project, financed by either DANIDA or Independent Research Fund Denmark, is completed, the researcher...
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Climate action Life on land Natural Sciences News

Global Warming: Heat Waves Test Human Endurance in South Asia

The summer of 2022 will be remembered as a brutal season in the history of climate change.  Heatwaves killed at least 90 people in India and Pakistan, as the temperature soared as high as 46-48 degrees centigrade. Europe saw heatwaves...
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Applied Sciences Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being News Social Sciences

Mercury in Goldmines in Uganda Influence Pregnancies on the Faroe Islands

Our working environments have become truly global. Even though they are often invisible, harmful substances are traveling long distances between the South and the North. Integrating research and NGO work can convince local governments and stakeholders in the Global South...
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Good health and well-being Natural Sciences News Responsible consumption and production Zero hunger

Bolivian Researcher Carla Colque-Little Throws Light on the Superfood-crop Quinoa

Carla Colque-Little specializes in diseases of one of the star crops from Bolivia – quinoa. A plant that many countries – for instance, Denmark – are eager to adapt to cultivate in their farmland – is a crop for the...
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Applied Sciences Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being News Social Sciences

Mercury: The Silent Death in the Bolivian Amazon

Indigenous peoples of the Amazon are affected by mercury contamination in Bolivia due to small-scale gold extraction. The women are some of the most vulnerable – and at the same time the ones handling the mercury most directly. Is there...
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Partnerships for the goals Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

How Can the Global South Confront the Unequal North-South Academic Collaborations?

In May 2022, Danish Institute for International Studies (DIIS) published the policy brief 'Decolonising Academic Collaboration: South-North Perspectives'. Earlier, researchers from Kenya, Ghana and Denmark, working together in three multi-year collaborative research programs, had met to discuss the inequality inherent...
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Opinions Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Many Years of South-North Cooperation Creates a Common Horizon of Ideas

A professor at Section for Global Development at University of Copenhagen moved his research on access to resources and land ownership from West Africa to Indonesia. He wishes for his colleagues that more of them would be given the opportunity...
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Clean water and sanitation Climate action Natural Sciences News Social Sciences

Chile Faces the Mega Drought Looking for Technical and Social Solutions

According to data provided by the UN, by 2025 half of the world's population will live in areas of water scarcity, making it essential to develop mechanisms and technology to deal with it. In Chile, researchers and experts not only...
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Decent work and economic growth Good health and well-being No poverty Opinions Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

Uganda’s Acclaimed Refugee Policy: The Difference Between What is on Paper and Reality

Uganda is described by many in the humanitarian circles as one of the friendliest countries in the world to refugees. Some reports, such as one from the Norwegian Refuge Council (NRC), state that the East African landlocked country, which hosts...
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Applied Sciences Blog Good health and well-being Resources Social Sciences

They studied emerging epidemics – and then an epidemic emerged

A large research project in close cooperation between researchers from Denmark and Burkina Faso has focused on what happens to epidemics when they emerge in unstable places with poor security, political unrest and mistrust towards the government. Some epidemics begin...
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