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Gender equality Resources Social Sciences

Noise in the houses: Missing women and girls in Peru

The consequences of the coronavirus in Peru go far beyond health and the economy. Female disappearances in the Latin American country have reached 11,828 in 2020, the year of the pandemic. Many are victims of sexist violence. The case of...
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Resources Social Sciences

Community well-being in Kiribati during the Covid-19 crisis

In this article I present my master thesis for the NOHA+ programme in International Humanitarian Action. My research covers three of the major challenges of the 21st century: immobility, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. The three phenomena are framed...
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Life on land Natural Sciences News Social Sciences Zero hunger

Learning from one of the marginalised sectors in society – the Higaonon tribe of Bukidnon, Philippines

While we fight for the last grain to survive, the Higaonon tribe – a group of indigenous peoples in the remote mountain villages of Bukidnon, Philippines – have lived for centuries utilising the plant resources in their ancestral land. These...
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Climate action Natural Sciences News Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

From coca to cacao agroforestry – a sustainable livelihood strategy in the Peruvian Amazon

‘’Plato or Plumo’’. There is no other way I could start this article than by mentioning the famous intimidating words of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who reigned not just Colombia but entire Latin America in the 1970s. It literally...
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Applied Sciences Good health and well-being Opinions Social Sciences

Fake Nutrition News: How to Counteract Misinformation when Promoting Good Health and Well-Being

In August 2018, the Danish Government presented a new official food and health strategy to oppose bad eating habits and reduce negative effects lifestyle diseases have on the mortality rate. The strategy consisted of 14 concrete initiatives divided between 7...
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Natural Sciences News Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences Zero hunger

Can a pest species earn you more than the principal crop?

This article is about my master’s fieldwork experience in Ghana, where I looked into the contribution of an edible pest species to rural livelihoods in the country and the accessibility constraints associated with its harvest. As Erasmus Mundus scholars, we...
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Gender equality News Peace, justice and strong institutions Reduced inequalities Social Sciences

Equity and gender equality after Covid19 – Lockdown violence and cashless cities under the pandemic

Coronavirus restrictions and sexual assault are intensely debated these days among the Danish public. Even though these discussions are not necessarily interrelated, we have seen that sexual violence and violence against women more broadly have surged worldwide during the Covid...
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News Social Sciences

New research 2020 – CASH-IN: privately managed cash transfers in Africa

On 1 September 2020, a major research effort was launched for a duration of five years to study whether privately managed cash transfers are able to avoid the kind of capture by ruling elites experienced by publicly managed. The project...
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Clean water and sanitation Natural Sciences Resources Social Sciences

Multidisciplinary collaboration to secure the future of water in Cape Town

In 2018, the City of Cape Town declared a city-wide water crisis, which would be punctuated by ‘Day Zero’ – the day the city would run out of water. The drought had been looming for years, and the City of Cape Town had made some management changes, but all rested on the assumption that rain would fall at the same rate as in the past.
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