Bolivian researcher Carla Colque-Little
throws light on the superfood-crop quinoa
Mercury: The Silent Death in the Bolivian Amazon
Women, motherhood, and science in Colombia

Women, motherhood, and science in Colombia

Tracking environmental crimes in Ghana

Tracking environmental crimes in Ghana

Young people in Chile feel overwhelmed and boredduring the pandemic

Young people in Chile feel overwhelmed
and bored during the pandemic

The fresh food in this outdoor fridge is for everyone who need it

The fresh food in this outdoor fridge
is for everyone who need it

Sex-workers in Ecuador badly affected by COVID-19

Sex-workers in Ecuador badly affected by COVID-19

Lost teenagers in Uganda during the pandemics

Lost teenagers in Uganda during the pandemics

Noise in the houses: Missing women and girls in Peru
Noise in the houses: Missing women and girls in Peru

AfricaLics (Part 2):

A first-hand account of the
Visiting Fellowship Programme experience


Access to loans for the poor:

Microfinance in northern Uganda

Members of Mali's National Guard and Police attend a crowd control traininG

New research 2021:

How do the young in West Africa navigate
streams of information in times of crises?


New research 2021:

Illegal resource extraction and state formation
in emerging African democracies


Ethnographic Research:

One Man’s Long Journey to PhD



Female scientist fighting for her place
studying climate change in Ecuador

Sunset panorama at La Silla

Same sky, different insights:

Danish-Chilean research collaboration on astronomy



“The spectacled bear just doesn’t
sell as well as the polar bear”


Helene Risør:

Traces of a Danish anthropologist
at the end of the world



The troubles of a science PhD from the West


Gulu’s Post War Urban Youth:

Where is their Future?



Water harvesting for food security
and income generation for rural women

Experto en cambio climatico


Making local people participate in
climate change research that are going to save their lives


Resistant crops:

On the road towards
perfectly climate adapted wheat


Indigenous trees:

Oryema, the Woman of the Wild Plants



Blockchain backing transparency?

Burkina Faso Dubi8 flickr_slider

Only the Local Researchers Know the Insider-Nuances

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DDRN podcasts from the Danish Science Festival 2019

Four PhDs from China, Pakistan and Bolivia currently studying in Denmark presented their research at a DDRN seminar during the Danish Science Festival 2019. Listen to the DDRN podcasts.
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News Quality education

From Primary School Teacher to PhD: Could Odama’s Thesis Be the Key to Correct Uganda’s Education?

One of Uganda’s key concerns in education over the years has been the growing rift in performance between urban and rural schools. Primary and Secondary school grades in the national examinations largely tend to decline with distance moved from the country’s capital, Kampala. Solutions to bridge this gap and restore parity, however, could be in a book gathering dust in Gulu University’s library. Dr. Stephen Odama is fully aware that the knowledge in his PhD thesis could go unutilised, the way of most academic research in Uganda, unless there is publicity and awareness about his findings and recommendations.
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“This is work in progress. I feel I just opened the door”

Dr. Christine Oryema’s experience studying in Denmark would be the envy of any Ugandan PhD student who does not get the opportunity to study abroad, especially in countries that provide an ideal study environment. An ethnobotanist based at Gulu University, one of Uganda’s public universities, Dr. Oryema was among the beneficiaries of a PhD sponsorship through DANIDA’s ENRECA programme. This gave her the opportunity to spend more than 12 months of study time at the University of Copenhagen as part of her PhD programme.
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Water harvesting for food security and income generation for rural women

Dr. Peter Tumuteygereize who started publishing his research in 2011 has transformed the lives of 500 women in Hoima District located in Western Uganda. While pursuing his PhD, he visited Germany University of Hohenheim in July-September 2009 as a student researcher focusing in the area of biogas.
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Unveiling diseases in quinoa and reviving lost Bolivian identity

Bolivian PhD student at University of Copenhagen, Carla Colque-Little, researches resistance towards diseases in quinoa plants. This is important, not only for the Bolivian economy, but also for the recovery of the Bolivian identity after years of colonialization
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Good health and well-being News

HIV and Malaria: A nation assured on drug safety

Standing at the entrance of the Faculty of Medicine at Gulu University, Dr. David Musoke looks a calm man. He has been waiting here for some minutes to receive a journalist from Kampala with whom they have only interacted through...
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News Zero hunger

Microbes for pesticide-free wheat with a smaller footprint

Consumers and the broader public have been more and more interested in what organic and sustainable agriculture can offer, namely, pesticide-free food and reduced environmental impact. The overuse of pesticides as a strategy to prevent disease has raised concerns with farmers and scientists, too, as resistant diseases are on the rise.
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Climate action News Zero hunger

Nicaragua: Making local people participate in climate change research, that’re going to save their lives

Researcher Abdel García from Humboldt Center, one of Nicaragua’s most renowned environmental institutions, is passionate about involving local population in climate change adaptation research. “In the near future Nicaragua as a country where people live, might stop existing,” he fears
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On the road towards the perfectly climate adapted wheat

PhD-student from Pakistan, Sajid Shokat, collaborate with University of Copenhagen and International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center (CIMMYT), Mexico on adapting wheat to climate changes. According to him, his stay in Denmark will make a difference in his home country for both farmers and students.
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DDRN/CMI seminar: South-North research cooperation at Aalborg University Copenhagen

The fourth seminar in the DDRN series on South-North research cooperation is co-organised with Center for Communication, Media and Information Technologies (CMI). It takes place at the Copenhagen campus of Aaalborg University. The key note presentation is by Idongesit Williams, Post Doc at CMI. Also, faculty of Department of Communication & Psychology and Department of Culture and Global Studies will present their experiences.
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