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Affordable and clean energy Applied Sciences News Partnerships for the goals

Green Charcoal: Could Research at Gulu University Ignite a Biomass Energy Revolution in Uganda?

On a quiet Friday evening in March, Miriam Ajak, 23, stoops over the traditional three-stone stove in front of her hut in Lawiyeadul village, Laliya Parish, on the outskirts of Gulu City in northern Uganda, to prepare dinner for her...
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Life below water Natural Sciences Resources

COVID19 impacts and opportunities for biodiversity research in India

With the COVID19 pandemic gripping the whole world, it has changed the way we learn, work, and socialize. As we get used to living in this new normal, as we call it, there had been a noticeable shift in the...
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Gender equality Resources Social Sciences

Noise in the houses: Missing women and girls in Peru

The consequences of the coronavirus in Peru go far beyond health and the economy. Female disappearances in the Latin American country have reached 11,828 in 2020, the year of the pandemic. Many are victims of sexist violence. The case of...
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Resources Social Sciences

Community well-being in Kiribati during the Covid-19 crisis

In this article I present my master thesis for the NOHA+ programme in International Humanitarian Action. My research covers three of the major challenges of the 21st century: immobility, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic. The three phenomena are framed...
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Life on land Natural Sciences News Social Sciences Zero hunger

Learning from one of the marginalised sectors in society – the Higaonon tribe of Bukidnon, Philippines

While we fight for the last grain to survive, the Higaonon tribe – a group of indigenous peoples in the remote mountain villages of Bukidnon, Philippines – have lived for centuries utilising the plant resources in their ancestral land. These...
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Climate action Natural Sciences News Peace, justice and strong institutions Social Sciences

From coca to cacao agroforestry – a sustainable livelihood strategy in the Peruvian Amazon

‘’Plato or Plumo’’. There is no other way I could start this article than by mentioning the famous intimidating words of Pablo Escobar, the drug lord who reigned not just Colombia but entire Latin America in the 1970s. It literally...
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Art and Humanities Opinions

Sami-youth in Finland: “Our culture is threatened by climate change – and we are not even part of the conversation about it”

Talking about climate change on several levels and with different meanings – is something essential to Anni-Sofia Niittyvuopio (21), Head of the Youth Council of the Finnish Sami parliament:“One of our main goals is to participate when we talk about...
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Climate action Natural Sciences Opinions

Climate change: Permafrost carbon remobilization

In recent years, fires in the Amazon Forest and in Australia caused worldwide dismay, showing how interconnected the globe is when we talk about climate change. Similarly, this global phenomenon means that environmental changes in polar regions also concern the...
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Applied Sciences Good health and well-being Opinions Social Sciences

Fake Nutrition News: How to Counteract Misinformation when Promoting Good Health and Well-Being

In August 2018, the Danish Government presented a new official food and health strategy to oppose bad eating habits and reduce negative effects lifestyle diseases have on the mortality rate. The strategy consisted of 14 concrete initiatives divided between 7...
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Natural Sciences News Responsible consumption and production Social Sciences Zero hunger

Can a pest species earn you more than the principal crop?

This article is about my master’s fieldwork experience in Ghana, where I looked into the contribution of an edible pest species to rural livelihoods in the country and the accessibility constraints associated with its harvest. As Erasmus Mundus scholars, we...
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