Danish Water Forum invites you to the 16th Annual Water Research Conference 2022

The 16th Annual Water Research Face-to-Face Conference on 20th April 2022, provides you with 50+ presentations within a wide spectrum of themes from both Denmark and abroad.

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Thorvaldsensvej 40, 1871 Frederiksberg C, Denmark



OPENING SESSION, 20 April 09:45-12:25 (All time slots given in the program are CET)

THEME: Water at the crossroad
Moderator and Chair: Bjørn K. Jensen, Vice chairman, Danish Water Forum

09:45 Welcome, by Hans-Martin Friis Møller, Chairman, Danish Water Forum
09:55 Logistics, by Jesper Dannisøe, Director, Danish Water Forum
10:00 Water Valley Denmark; A new concept! Ulla Sparre, Director
10:15 The Strategic Sector Corporation Water Programs; Aims and opportunities for Danish Water Stakeholders. Tobias Kvorning, Danish EPA
10:30 The Danish 2030 Water Vision! A moderate success up for a boost! NN, DI-Vand
10.45 Central Jutland Commercial lighthouse initiative on water, based on REACT funding. Michael
Johansen, CLEAN
11:00 Q&A and Break
11:25 The value of attending large-scale water events! Ilse Korsvang, Dansk Export.
11:45 Water Technology Alliance in Europe. Jakob Andersen, Consulate General, Hamburg.
12:05 Water4All, partnership for research and innovation on water in Horizon Europe. Bjørn K. Jensen, DWF.
12:25 Lunch break

Full program, incl. technical sessions


AWARDS: DWF is proud to announce that our members Grundfos and NIRAS are sponsoring 2 awards of 10.000 DKK each, which will be given to two young scientists for the two best presentations. The award-winners will be announced at the end of the conference.