Podcast: “A Sustainable Holiday Season” Research and Practical Approaches Emphasizing Food

In December 2021, DDRN hosted an online seminar that focused on research and civil society initiatives emphasizing food.

The connection between food and the climate has been covered in both research and civil society practices that are opposing over-consumption and food waste.


One of the activists who is determined to be part of the change is Irene Valentina Di Lauro. Irene is a founder of the Danish NGO FællesSkabet Copenhagen – a fridge found in the city where anyone can get free food. Irene holds a master’s degree in Integrated Food Studies and has been active in various projects that fight food waste and unites civil society. Irene discussed FællesSkabet as well as different takes on climate change and food consumption in the workshop.



Another engaged expert who spoke at the event is Armando Perez-Cueto, Associate Professor of Food Technology and Meal Consumer Research at the University of Copenhagen. Armando is conducting research on topics such as consumers, food related behaviours, plant-based consumption, and how to ease healthier, sustainable, and ethical food choices. During the workshop, Armando challenged hegemonic beliefs and raised awareness on the link between food and the climate emergency.

Both Irene and Armando are part of a critique directed towards our current ways, they are activists working in both the spheres of academia and civil society.


If you like to learn more about sustainability, food, and civil society, listen to the podcast based on the online seminar!

This podcast was produced by Linn Söderpalm, for the Danish Development Research Network in February 2022. It was recorded on 14 December 2021 and has been edited for clarity.