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Research communication - Papers and reports

[Updated: March 9, 2012]

This is a new section of the DDRN website where you can find papers and reports on research communication - one of the current focal themes of DDRN.

Preliminary findings on African and European Research Infrastructure that support potential partnerships between the two continents. Promoting African European Research Infrastructure Partnerships (PAERIP) report, by A. P. Botha and G. von Gruenewaldt, January 2012.

Making systematic reviews work for international development research. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Discussion Paper, by Jessica Hagen-Zanker et al., January 2012.

Overselling Broadband: A Critique of the Recommendation of the Broadband Commission for Digital Development. Center for Global Development (CGD) report, by Charles Kenny, December 2011.

Knowledge without borders – GÉANT 2020. European Commission for Information Society and Media - Géant expert group report, October 2011.

Sound expectations: from impact evaluations to policy change. International Initiative for Impact Evaluations (3ie) Working Paper 12, by Vanesa Weyrauch and Gala Díaz Langou, April 2011.

Information Systems in Agricultural Science and Technology. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and UK Department for International Development (DFID) report, 2010.

Improving the impact of development research through better research communications and uptake. UKAid Uptake workshop background paper, by Louise Shaxson and Delta Partnership, November 2010.

Do Policies Matter? Digital library designs and implementation. International Network for the Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP) research report, by Pauline Ngimwa, 2010.

National policy-makers speak out: are researchers giving them what they need? Health Policy and Planning paper, by Adnan A. Hyder et al., June 2010.

Knowledge to Policy - Making the Most of Development Research. International Development Research Centre (IDRC) book, by Fred Carden, 2009.

Brokering Innovation for Sustainable Development: The Papa Andina Case. Institutional Learning and Change (ILAC) Working Paper 12, by André Devaux et al., June 2010.

Research makes the news: Strengthening media engagement with research to influence policy. Panos London report, by Joanne Carpenter and Ingrid Yngstrom, June 2010.

Communicating research for utilisation (CRU) - Specialist professional and institutional capacity building in Sub-Saharan Africa. Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Centre for Research into Evaluation of Science and Technology (CREST) and Organisational Systems Development (OSD) paper, by John Kirkland, Johann Mouton and Diana Coates, 2010.

Communicating Empowerment: Countering the Cardboard Woman. Paper by Tessa Lewin, Development, volume 53, issue 2, 2010.

Things can be other than they are.’ Understanding the limitations of current management thinking and knowledge practice for work in the development sector. Information and Knowledge Management (IKM) Emergent Research Programme Working Paper no. 10, by Julian Jenkins, July 2010. 

Opportunities and challenges in promoting policy- and practice-relevant knowledge on child rights. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) working paper 318, by Caroline Harper, Nicola Jones and Carlotta Tincati, July 2010.

Communicating knowledge: how and why researchers publish and disseminate their findings. Research Information Network (RIN) and JISC report, September 2009.

If you build it, will they come? How researchers perceive and use web 2.0. Research Information Network (RIN) report, July 2010.

How wide are the ripples? The management and use of information generated from participatory processes in international non-governmental development organizations. Information and Knowledge Management Emergent Programme (IKM) Working Paper No. 7, by Hannah Beardon and Kate Newman, October 2009.

The Role of Media Literacy in the Governance Reform Agenda. World Bank Communication for Governance and Accountability Program (CommGAP) Discussion Paper, by Johanna Martinsson, May 2009.

Strengthening science–policy dialogue in developing countries: a priority for climate change adaptation. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Background Note, by Harry Jones, Nicola Jones, David Walker, and Cora Walsh, December 2009.

Learning lessons on research uptake and use: A review of DFID's research communication programmes, June 12, 2009. The Department for International Development (DFID) review papers, 2009.

Policy-making as discourse: a review of recent knowledge-to-policy literature. Joint IKM Emergent–Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Working Paper No. 5, by Harry Jones, August 2009.

Knowledge, policy and power: Six dimensions of the knowledge–development policy interface. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) background paper, by Nicola Jones, Ajoy Datta and Harry Jones, September 2009.

Change at hand: Web 2.0 for development. International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) report, ed. Holly Ashley et al., June 2009.

ICTs for Education: Impact and lessons learned from IICD-supported activities. International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) publication, January 2009.

Policy briefs as a communication tool for development research. Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Background Note, by Nicola Jones and Cora Walsh, May 2008.

Decision makers do want communication – but they may not want participation. Online article by Wendy Quarry, Glocal Times (Malmö University’s Master in Communication for Development), Issue 10, February 2008.

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