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Members tag cloud

This page shows you the areas of core expertise and work/research of DDRN members. The size  of the tags reflects the number of members covering the specific themes.

Click on a theme of interest to you and scroll down to see the names!

Please note that "core areas of expertise" is a new information category recently introduced in the member database. Many members are still to re-enter their expertise areas, which is why most results are currently found as "other areas of research/work".


Advisory services Agroforestry Biodiversity Civil society participation Climate change Community development Conflict resolution Decentralisation Democratisation processes Development aid policies Economic and social policies Economic management Energy Enforcement of law Environmental health Environmental management Fisheries Food security and safety Foreign direct investment Forestry Fragile states Gender Genetic resources Good governance Governance Industry Infrastructures Institutional capacity building Knowledge Land reform Land use Livestock Migration Mining (small-scale) Natural resource management Organic agriculture Planning, M&E methodologies Pollution Poverty alleviation Private sector development Promotion of human rights Public sector reform Remittances Research methodologies Rural social development Security Seeds and post harvest technology Smallholder farmers Social protection and risk management Soil and water conservation Taxation Trade Traditional authority Transport Urban development

Members with "Economic and social policies" selected as core areas of expertise

Ahrensback, Ina Penthin
Akerele, William Omotoso
Alam, Mohammad Jahangir
Antonov, Viorica
Aponte-García, Maribel
Arowolo, Steven
Awino, Samson Odhiambo
Azam, Mehdi
Bastos, Guadalupe
Belen Otero
Bonn Juego
Clark, Rebecca Holland
Cuglesan, Natalia
Ezeoha, Abel
Føyn, Helene Ystanes
Frempong, Godfred
Garzón, Juan Manuel
H. Chowdhury
Hoang. Nguyen Le
Houndolo, Deo-Gracias
Jeppesen, Søren
Kallestrup, Per
Khataza, Robertson
Kibikyo, David Lameck
Kihonge, Ephantus
Kleemann, Linda
Klosek, Weronika
Korahire Joel Awouhidia
Kragelund, Peter
Kuzilwa, Joseph
Labongo, Constantine Steven Loum
Lekunze, Ransom
Md Khalid Hossain
Mengu, Moses
Oyee, James
Pedersen, Jørgen Dige
Ponte, Stefano
Rosales, Rocio
Ruturaj, Pattanaik
Skivild, Esben Bruhn
Tatian, Ari
Tekie, Awet
Trifkovic, Neda
Ulriksen, Marianne

Members with "Economic and social policies" selected as other areas of research/work:

Aboutou Orogou, Souroudé Eloi
Adewole, Samuel B.
Ahrensback, Ina Penthin
Andersen, Susanne Møller
Antonov, Viorica
Arbogast, Matokeo
Bøttern, Philip
Bendridi, Faouzi
Birk, Thomas Ladegaard
Bollingmo, Jørgen
Borch, Søren M.
Center for Business and Development Studies
Christiansen, Thomas Land
Costa, Emly de Andrade
Dat, Tran Van
Desalegn Lemma Deme
Dion, Véronique
Domozoro, Charles
Faculty of Life Sciences (LIFE), University of Copenhagen
Funder, Mikkel
Furu, Peter
Gbadebo Olusegun ODULARU
Gioseffi, Elena
Goyal, Rakesh
Haakonsson, Stine Jessen
Hoang. Nguyen Le
Houe, Nicolai
Jørgensen, Claus
Jensen, Jens Raunsø
Karantininis, Kostas
Khaoua, Nadji
Kihonge, Ephantus
Koster, Marian
Kronik, Jakob
KULU - Women and Development
Lauge Bechshøft
Lauridsen, Laurids
Martin Lewis
Mengistu Assefa Wendimu
Mensah, Emmanuel Joseph
Mesue, Gilbert Ekane
Mirzaei, Farhad
Mohapatra, Subhakanta
Molua, Ernest Lytia
Mosebo, Marianne Bach
Mudimba, Rodrick
Nathan, Iben
Nielsen, Mette
Nkurunziza, Libère
Olsen, Bent Steenberg
Olsen, Jens Tue
Ontita, Edward
Pangaribowo, Evita Hanie
Pitzner-Jørgensen, Fredrik
Press, Ariel Briallen
Project Africa
Remmen, Arne
Rius, Andres
Rivera, Claudia
Ruppel, Oliver C.
Rytkønen, Michael
Sørensen, Anne
Sørensen, Mette Lund
Stolten, Hans Erik
Subbiah, Vijay R
Tambo, Justice Akpene
Tatian, Ari
Thomsen, Lotte
Thulstrup, Andreas Waaben
Thylin, Emil
Topsøe-Jensen, Bente
Villholth, Karen Grothe
Wad, Peter
Weitzenegger, Karsten
Winkel, Klaus
Wisborg, Poul
Yadate, Dagne Mojo
Zheng, Jie
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