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[Updated: October 31, 2012]

1-day seminar: Can the private sector reduce poverty? The role and impact of 'Markets for the poor' approaches and microfinance

Association of Development Researchers in Denmark (FAU), Danish Development Research Network (DDRN) and Danish Forum for Microfinance (DFM) invite researchers, practitioners and other interested for a 1-day seminar.

Poverty reduction used to take centre stage for governments and donor agencies. However, along with a shift towards private sector responsibilities, new approaches to poverty reduction have popped up. Among those approaches, involving the private sector through 'Markets for the poor', 'Pro-poor Growth' and 'Microfinance' have received substantial attention and funding.

Though some progress has taken place in some parts of some countries, poverty continues to be a central feature in many countries and inequality continues to grow. So, apart from a few celebrated examples like China and Vietnam, limited progress seems to have taken place. At the seminar what the contributions and shortcoming of involving the private sector have been will be discussed.

The program for the day can be found here

Please send a mail to FAU (fau@diis.dk) to register, no later than the 9th of November 12 o'clock noon.

Date: 19th November, 2012 - 09:00-17:00
Venue: Copenhagen Business School, Solbjergplads 3, Frederiksberg

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