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SACCNET: Objectives and process

The main purpose of the initiative to establish a regional knowledge sharing network within the SADC region, and between the SADC region and Denmark. Besides knowledge sharing it is also the intention that the network will facilitate development of joint project applications and other research cooperation in the various thematic areas.

It is envisioned that establishing a formal, sustainable research network will facilitate cross-disciplinary cooperation for evidence-based actions in response to climate change. Furthermore, the network will aim at contributing knowledge and research input to conferences and activities within the area of climate change, facilitating the development of joint research proposals, and informing developing practices and policies within the SADC region.

The first step in the planning process included holding a meeting in Botswana in November 2008 with the purpose of exploring the interest in establishing such a network.

To facilitate the identification of participants and scoping of the activities it was decided to commission three desk studies focusing on mapping of: (i) Research projects on climate change and human health (responsible: DBL (+ENRECA Health)); (ii) Research projects on climate change and water (responsible: DWF); and (iii) Research projects on climate change and food security (responsible: DDRN).

2. The next step was a workshop that took place in Cape Town, South Africa on February 18-20, 2009, hosted by Global Water Partnership, Southern Africa. This workshop was concluded with the election of an Interim Steering Committee of SACCNET. Read more about the workshop..

3. The SACCNET initiative was then presented at the IARU Scientific Conference on Climate Change held in Copenhagen on March 10-12, 2009 and at other meetings in Southern Africa. 

4. An e-platform within Sharepoint was established to promote internal communication among network members.

5. The Interim Steering Committee held its first meeting in June 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa, where it was decided to issue a call for participation in working groups. A second meeting will be held later in 2009.

6. Two meeting were held in Denmark to engage the Danish resource base in the activities of SACCNET. The meetings were held in May and September 2009.

Next steps:
Establishment of a new website: Funds were granted by ENRECAHEALTH to develop a website for SACCNET during Autumn 2009.
Establishment of working groups: 5-8 working groups will be established looking at Climate change and the links between climate change and water, health and food security as well as socio-economic impacts. Climate change science, knowledge about impacts and downscaling of models and development of scenarios will also be addressed in a working group.

Are you interested in active participation in a working group, and/or interested in joining the network? 
Please send an email to the chairman of SACCNET, Moses Chimbari, cc Marianne Forti - thanks.

Participation from researchers and practitioners from both Denmark and SADC countries is encouraged.

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