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Reports - Progress reports

By the end of 2007, DDRN established itself with a well functioning and needs based information and communication system, a new fund for member driven activities and a database with more than 1200 registered members.

In 2008 DDRN consolidated the information and communication system and increased the activity level with regard to workshops and conferences in Denmark as well as in the South. Climate change, food security and research communication were chosen as (temporary) focal themes of the network. The number of members increased to around 1500, with a special increase in the number of members from the South.

In 2009 implementation of the network's communications strategy started, including the establishment of new sections on the DDRN website to reflect the new focal themes. DDRN carried out workshops and conferences in Denmark and in the South. The current grant period for DDRN will expire by mid 2009 and new work plans will be developed upon confirmation of a second grant period. 

Network members are welcome to contribute their ideas for upcoming activities and initiatives. Just send an email to info@ddrn.dk. Thanks!

Here you can read about the progress so far:

Revised Priorities of DDRN Communications Strategy, August 2010 [pdf, 128kB]

DDRN Progress report 09/10, May 2010 [pdf, 7.904 kB] 

DDRN Progress report 08/09, May 2009 [pdf, 493kB].

DDRN Communications Strategy, March 2009 [pdf, 233kB].

DDRN Work Plan 2008, January 2008 [pdf, 215kB].

DDRN Progress report 2007, January 2008 [pdf, 299kB].


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