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DDRN activities - Other

[Updated: October 20, 2010]

20-10-2011: News on European Development Research - a glimpse from the DSA-EADI conference

The Development Studies Association (DSA) and the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) joined hands in York, UK from 19-22 September. Under the title: 'Rethinking Development in an Age of Scarcity and Uncertainty. New Values, Voices and Alliances for Increased Resilience' about 750 participants gathered and touched upon many corners of development research.

With more than 400 presentations, quite a bit of food for thought was provided. Some of better quality than other and it was impossible to get more than just a little glimpse of the whole thing. My 'best experience' was a workshop hosted by the DIIS on their Elite program - a well knitted, concise session with three good presentations and a host of interesting comments. A lot more info is found at the EADI web (www.eadi.org).

Such a gathering is also an excellent event for networking, well supported by various sponsorships. It was also the time to find a new president for EADI - Isa Baud, Professor at University of Amsterdam, is the new person. And we saw a new representative for the Danish Institutional members entering the EADI Executive Committee as Assoc. Prof. Michael W. Hansen, CBS, took over from Assoc. Prof. Martin Hvidt, who stepped down after seven years on the post. By the way: The EADI EXCO will have its first session in the 2011-2014 in November (24th) at CBS (in connection with the joint Nordic Conference on 'The Future of Development Research'). So a chance to meet the EADI leadership and hear more about European development Research.

By DDRN member Søren Jeppesen, Chairman of FAU (the Association of Development Researchers in Denmark) & CBDS, CBS.

12-01-2011: Member survey: How do YOU benefit from DDRN?

According to 132 members of DDRN, access to information is the major benefit of being a network member! Moreover, the survey results also reveal that while a significant percentage of DDRN members are members of networks similar to DDRN and have access to similar information from other sources, DDRN still constitutes the primary source of information for many members.

Do you have anything to add based on how YOU experience the benefits of being a member of DDRN? You can read the survey and send your comments to Karina Maria Gregersen or upload them on the member forum, thanks!

07-10-2010: New website launched for the Southern Africa Climate Change Network (SACCNet)!

SACCNet was initiaited as a joint initiative of DDRN, Danish Water Forum (DWF), the Danish Research Network for International Health (ENRECA Health), and Centre for Health Research and Development (DBL) in cooperation with partners from the SADC region.

The network aims to promote regional knowledge sharing within the SADC region, and between the SADC region and Denmark. The network will also facilitate development of joint project applications and other research cooperation in the various thematic areas.

15-06-2010: Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) in Denmark to learn about science communication 

In May 2010, DDRN organised a study tour for a delegation from the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) who was interested in learning from Danish experiences from working with science communication. A brief summary and video with key messages are available here.

28-05-2009: New project supported by DDRN: Climate Resilient Cities in South Asia

Climate Resilient Cities in South Asia is an initiative aimed at consolidating and generating knowledge on approaches, indicators, tools, ways and means of enhancing resilience to climate change. Urban communities and stakeholders of urban governance as well as the scientific research community are key audience for this initiative. Enhancing accessibility to information on resilience enhancing efforts in cities of South Asia is a key output that the initiative aims at achieving.

The initiative was launched in April 2009. Read more on the website of Community Enterprise Forum International (CEFI) and in Press release [pdf, 25kB].

25-03-2009: Brief status report on EFARD, EIARD, and PAEPARD - March 2009

Brief report on European Forum on Agricultural Research for Development (EFARD), European Initiative for Agricultural Research for Development (EIARD), and Platform for Afr–Eur Partnerships for Agricultural Research and Development  (PAEPARD) by Anne Sørensen, Chief coordinator of DDRN, who actively participates in these platforms. The brief is based on draft minutes of EFARD Steering Committee meeting of March 18, 2009.

Read the brief [Word, 43kB].

19-12-2008: DDRN has joined EADI and Euforic!

To strengthen the links to European researchers and knowledge intermediaries, in December 2008 DDRN became an institutional member of the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes (EADI) and Europe's Forum on International Cooperation (EUFORIC).

21-11-2008: News on joint new climate initiative of DDRN, DWF and ENRECA Health: Linkages between climate change, health, water and food security in Southern Africa

A new initiative on climate change has been started the Danish knowledge networks (DDRN, DWF and ENRECAHEALTH) with links to Danish climate task force. A small group of scientists and coordinators from the Danish knowledge networks has initiated a process towards creation of a regional knowledge sharing network on these issues within Southern Africa, represented by the SADC countries, and between SADC and Denmark.

The main purpose will be to initiate a process towards creation of a regional knowledge sharing network. In addition, the network aims to contribute to major relevant climate events in 2009 and facilitate development of joint project applications and other research cooperation within its thematic field. It is envisioned that establishing a formal, sustainable research network will facilitate cross-disciplinary cooperation for evidence-based actions in response to climate change.

A first brainstorming and planning workshop was held in Botswana 11-13 November 2008 with participation of members of the core group of initiators from Denmark and SADC. The next step in the process will be a “network creating workshop” in South Africa in early February 2009 with participation of a larger group of scientists and other stakeholders. The workshop will take stock of current regional knowledge related to climate change and its impact on health, water and food security in Southern Africa.

Further information on next steps and focal areas of the planned workshop in South Africa will be made available on the websites and through the news services of the three respective knowledge networks later.

15-08-2008: DDRN contributes to MDG3 Champion Torch

The Danish Gendernet, of which DDRN is a member, is collecting commitments “to do something extra” to contribute to the MDG3 Champion Torch.

In order to facilitate the access of policy-makers to Danish based research and facilitate networking and joint research proposals within gender equality, DDRN will develop a mapping of “Danish research competences with regard to gender equality in developing countries”. The mapping will cover past and ongoing research on gender equality related to developing countries. The main emphasis will be on research witin the focal areas of DDRN conducted since 2003, but earlier highly relevant work may also be included.

The mapping aims to make the Danish competences accessible to research partners in developing and other countries, to facilitate the development of research proposals, and to inform developing practices and policies within the areas covered by the network.

To read more about Gendernet's activities, please follow this link. More information about the mapping will follow in autumn 2008.

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