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DDRN Members' Forum

This Forum is a new platform established to allow dialogue among DDRN members.

Do you have an idea you want to share? Any issues you want to discuss? A publication you want to disseminate?

You can post your input here! You can select if you want all users of the website to view your entry, or just members of DDRN who are logged in on the website - it's up to you.

Please note that this forum is intended for learning and sharing, and not as a space to advocate for funding to own projects. Requests for funding of projects will be removed by the webadministrators.


Members forum

Ali Imran
Help Flood Victims in Pakistan

 We are facing a flood situation in Pakistan due to heavy monsoon rains

11-12-2011 21:54                                                                                          replies: 0
Chimwaza, Ephraim
Effects of desertification

 Deserticfication has brought a lot of problem in Africa especialy countries in the sub-saharan Africa

20-10-2011 14:50                                                                                          replies: 0
Mizanur Rahman Jewel
Climate change and the challenge for coastal area of Bangladesh

15-02-2011 08:59                                                                                          replies: 0
Azam, Fardous Mohammad Safiul
A short documentary on Wild and Famine food plants

Dear All, I hereby pleased to share the link below for watching the documentary on wild edible plants found in the northern part of Bangladesh, which...

19-01-2011 13:20                                                                                          replies: 0
Murshed, Sikder Monoare
exchange of our knoledge

 Thanks, I like this forum

13-12-2010 11:00                                                                                          replies: 0
Danielsen, Solveig
About plant health service delivery

Dear All, please find enclosed an article about plant health clinics in Uganda

07-12-2010 09:50                                                                                          replies: 0
Anandan, S.P.
Impact of climate change on Invasive species

 Dear Members, I am engaged in conducting research on the impact of climate change on invasive alien species in a global hot spot in India

16-11-2010 02:57                                                                                          replies: 0
Kronik, Jakob
Social Dimensions of Climate Change: Equity and Vulnerability in a Warming World. Journal: New Frontiers of Social Policy 2010

09-11-2010 13:23                                                                                          replies: 0
Kronik, Jakob
Widget to New Book: Reducing Poverty, Protecting Livelihoods, and Building Assets in a Changing Climate

Dear Members, In addition to above book on indigenous Peoples and Climate Change I would like to share this study, which was released recently: Redu...

09-11-2010 12:06                                                                                          replies: 0
Kronik, Jakob
Book Release: Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change in Latin America and the Caribbean

Dear members, I would like to share this link (widget) to a regional study of the social implications of climate change and climatic variability on ...

09-11-2010 11:58                                                                                          replies: 0
Forti, Marianne Hedegaard K.
Welcome to the new DDRN member forum!

This new forum is for all of you who wish to interact more actively with other DDRN members

05-11-2010 12:03                                                                                          replies: 1

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