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Purpose of the editorial policy

Given the large thematic and geographic coverage of the website of DDRN, and thus the great variation it contains in terms of contents, this editorial policy aims to formulate broad guidelines that:

• Provide clear basic rules for potential contributors so that members know which kind of information they can disseminate through the network and how;
• Define the overall focus of DDRN, highlighting the characteristics of DDRN in terms of its subject coverage, approach and objectives;
• Provide the DDRN editorial team with guidance on how to make editorial choices.

This editorial policy takes departure in the experience gained through more than 3 years of DDRN communication and networking activities, as well as experiences gained in the networks that preceded DDRN. It builds on lessons learnt as regards effective tools and approaches, and needs to be reviewed from time to time to include new experiences gained in the constantly evolving landscape of research and development in Denmark and in the South.

Implementation of the policy will start in September 2010. It reflects priorities of the communications strategy as revised in August 2010.

Other sections of the policy:

Purpose of the DDRN website
Guiding principles
What IS posted on the website
What IS NOT posted on the website

You can also download the whole editorial policy [pdf, 105kB].

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

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