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Guiding editorial principles

The information and communication flow in DDRN builds on the following guiding principles:

• Promotion of multi-disciplinarity: Given the broad variation in interests among network members, DDRN focuses on issues of relevance to large sections of the members, prioritising information that shows ways and approaches to cut across traditional disciplinary boundaries. Therefore, DDRN selects focal themes that cut across disciplines (currently these are climate change, food security and research communication). Information is also provided within single disciplines, although kept on a general level. Thematically and geographically narrow information is not included on the website. Priority is also given to disseminating information about new and innovative/promising multidisciplinary and cross-sectorial N/S initiatives.

• Promotion of multi-stakeholder dialogue: To promote research uptake, DDRN facilitates dialogue and information sharing among researchers and practitioners in various ways. Disseminating research-based knowledge made easily accessible to practitioners is a quite direct way of doing so. A less direct approach is disseminating information from practitioners about priority issues and challenges in the South that may be of relevance to researchers. 

• Promotion of multiple voices: DDRN attempts to disseminate information from sources representing all kinds of stakeholders involved in the network. The number of references to any single prominent institution has to be limited to leave room for less represented voices, e.g. research institutions and networks from the South. By only providing links to the original source of information, DDRN aims to create awareness about the organisations producing the research.

• Utilisation of complementarities and synergies: Links are provided to other sources of information that are in line with the goal of DDRN. To avoid information overload of the Danish member base, which constitutes about half of the members of DDRN, information that is very broadly distributed through other Danish channels is only posted if of very high relevance. DDRN prioritises to share information from outside Denmark that is not broadly shared within the Danish resource base (e.g. from EU and initiatives in the South). On the other hand, through making visible the Danish knowledge base, DDRN distributes information that is not otherwise largely disseminated to members outside Denmark.

• Transparency and openness: DDRN disseminates information that is publicly available free of charge. By making this policy available online, DDRN aims to make sure members and users can easily understand criteria and channels for distributing information and engaging in communication within DDRN.

• Timeliness: DDRN tries to keep abreast with current knowledge in the fields covered and thus only posts information on the website that is new (e.g. reports less than 1½ years old). 

• Responsiveness to member’s needs and engagement: The secretariat prioritises information received from members by posting it on the website and informing the members as soon as this is done. News that does not fit in any of the specific categories of information on the website is posted as other news . Special attention is given to also including news that are of interest and relevance to members in the South and that may otherwise not easily reach this target group.

• Flexibility to act rapidly on shifting demands and challenges:  The secretariat improves the functionalities of the website and newsletters on a regular basis according to needs and comments expressed by members. Structural changes are also carried out from time to time to reflect changing prioritisation of focal themes of DDRN.

• Continuous learning from experiences: The secretariat monitors the information services provided and adjusts accordingly on a continuous basis.

Other sections of the policy:

Purpose of the DDRN website
Purpose of the editorial policy
What IS posted on the website
What IS NOT posted on the website

You can also download the whole editorial policy [pdf, 105kB].

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.

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