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Producing knowledge for development together - Lessons from the Danish Development Research Network

How can researchers and practitioners from the global North and South work together to create needs-based knowledge that can contribute to sustainable development?

When approaching the closure of the second grant by Danida to DDRN, the (now former) secretariat staff has compiled a report to gather the main lessons from four and a half years of running a knowledge network aiming at promoting development through increased integration of research and practice.

This report is intended as a contribution to inspire other networks, organisations, and individuals, by highlighting the lessons gathered within three areas of activity where DDRN has proven to be of added value to its users and members. These are:

  • Outreach and uptake of research-based information
  • Multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration
  • North-South research cooperation on a win-win basis

Using strategic alliances with other networks, bringing together stakeholders across professions, disciplines and generations, and tailoring the flow of information to fit the interest of its members are only a few of the enabling factors explained in the report. Hindering factors are dealt with as well, as we can also learn from what did not work as expected.

You can download the full report below, or select the chapter of your interest. All the documents and reports used as backgroud information for the three main chapters are listed in the resource section below:

Full report (3.188 KB) – smaller version (1.240 KB)

Cover, List of contents, Foreword (2.067 KB)
Executive summary (2.078 KB)
1. Introduction (1.699 KB)
2. Enhancing outreach and uptake of research-based information (1.906 KB) 
3. Facilitating multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration (1.976 KB) 
4. North-South research cooperation on a win-win basis (1.769 KB) 
5. Conclusions (1.591 KB)
Ends (1.718)

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